Subroto Bagchi is the Non-Executive Director of the Mindtree Board of Directors. He co-founded Mindtree in 1999 where he started as the Chief Operating Officer. He has been named India's best-selling business author.

Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi is the co-founder and the Non-Executive Director of Mindtree, one of India’s most admired software services companies.

He started as the Chief Operating Officer at Mindtree after its inception in 1999. Soon Mindtree was hit by the global economic slowdown and then the events of 9/11. Many early-stage companies collapsed during this time and Bagchi moved to the US and helped the leadership team stay together through the difficult years. During this time, he articulated a new positioning for Mindtree as the best mid-sized company from India, which later became a reality.

Between 1999 and 2007, as the COO, he was instrumental in articulating Mindtree’s mission, vision and values. He led leadership development, marketing and knowledge management initiatives that differentiated the company from the very beginning. Mindtree’s distinctive physical locations reflect his thought leadership. He is also the face of the company’s outreach beyond business. In 2007, he was part of the apex team that led Mindtree from an idea to IPO.

Post-IPO, Bagchi took on the role of Gardener at Mindtree. In this new role, he focused full-time on the Top-100 leaders at Mindtree to expand their leadership capacity beyond the founding team. In 2010, he was appointed vice chairman to the Board. On April 1, 2012, he assumed the office of Chairman.

Bagchi is a member of the Governing Council of the Software Technology Parks of India. He is a well-known writer, having penned a number of widely read books and columns for newspapers and magazines. In 2011, he has been acclaimed as India’s No.1 bestselling business author.


Srikanth Says
Wednesday December 7th 2011

What a commendable saying – “The plants do not come to the gardener; the gardener must go to where the plants may be”.
One of the benevolent personalities I ever came across.

    Sunday November 30th 2014

    Dr. Vinod Balakrishnan
    Associate Professor/ Department of Humanities
    NIT, Trichy: 620015

    30th November, 2014

    Dear Dr. Bagchi,
    I have found The Professional to be one of the most spiritual books that I have read. I have also spoken about the book as a potent source for self-motivation as well as a useful guide for re-calibrating one’s life. I can personally vouch for its significance as a deeply humanising project that leaves one rejuvenated: whether one reads it from cover-to-cover or in the manner of cherry-picking.

    As a member of the Humanities department at NIT, Trichy, I do get invited to talk to the academic community as well as at public forums. I have, at many of those forums, used a particular chapter – White Space – as an activity that most people have found amusing and credible as an eye-opener.

    I have collected over the period of four years since I have applied the simple exercise, a number of work-sheets of these participants which show that what is said in pages 89-91 can create “white spaces” for living life creatively. I am planning to turn it into a publication-worthy research paper. The paper may only talk about the experiment with samples of some of the work-sheets with a reasonably acceptable table that quantifies the way people have carved “white spaces” out of an, otherwise, ‘busy life’.

    Since I teach Creative Writing to the final-year Btech students at NIT, Trichy [HM 404: Creative Writing through Literature], I have to wear the hat of a motivator all the time in order to sustain the enthusiasm of aspiring writers who are always on the cliff-edge of self-doubt and perilously close to falling off. One of the most cathartic sessions is the exercise on “White Space.”

    I am writing this letter to let you know that we met once at NIT, Trichy when the Department of Management Studies invited you for a special lecture. In a brief conversation with you, I mentioned my desire to write a book on Indian Values and you gave me your business card. That book has still not happened though I wanted to get back with something that would extend the gesture of the business card, creatively. Now, the card is not with me: misplaced. Hope this letter triggers a possible creative conversation.

    With regards
    Vinod Balakrishnan/09994876893

    Faisal Hawa Says
    Friday September 29th 2017

    Respected Mr Subroto Bagchi,

    I would like to you introduce myself Faisal Hawa partner at Hg Hawa which is a paper trading firm operating in western India since the past four decades. Apart from this I have also been investing in the public and private market as an investor in the past 2 decades and have enjoyed above average progress. I have also had the pleasure having read all the books written by you amongst them The Elephant Catchers was a big eye opener.
    Whilst reading your latest book SELL I came across your latest designation as the Chief Skills Development Authority Odisha. the same subject interests me tremendously also and we run a social project called UDAAN 505 which aims to uplift 50 lac people in 5 years through jobs or skills. I am the first one to admit that this Is a very ambitious target and will require tremendous planning and execution to achieve it. I am also trying various training schemes at a mass level in large ghettos for training in 3d Printing, Computer courses, Driving, Carpentry and so on.
    May I request you to act as a mentor for me on this project so as to be able to exchange our best practices and opportunities. I am based in Mumbai and would be ready for travel to Bhubhaneshawar/ Bangalore for the same. Alternatively whenever you in are Mumbai if you could grant me a meeting. Initially even a 30 minute meeting would suffice
    Hope you will spare valuable time and grant me a meeting.

    Thanks & Regards
    Faisal Hawa

Wednesday December 7th 2011

Dear Sir,

Its is always inspiring to read about the leaders and there books.

I always feel that your education system hardy helps create leaders but it a good feeling to see that India as leaders like you.

Kind Regards

Friday December 30th 2011

Dear Sir, I have read your book The Professional and liked it very much, today I have picked up The High Performance Entrepreneur. If you happen to read this mail, I would be happy to get in touch with you. I am a Catholic Priest from Kerala, belonging to Don Bosco (Salesian)

    test Says
    Wednesday October 12th 2016


Sandeep Mitra Says
Wednesday January 4th 2012

Am touched..Go Kiss the world…your story….as if you are an angel and telling me what I should do with this God-gifted life. I pay highest regards to your parents and most importantly their values I learnt through you.

India is land of Gods. Best Regards, Sandeep

    Jagannath Says
    Wednesday March 2nd 2016

    Sir I read your mail need the email id of Mr Bagchi can you help me out pl

      Midge Says
      Thursday August 11th 2016

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      test Says
      Wednesday October 12th 2016


D. Nanda Kumar Says
Saturday January 14th 2012

My dear Subroto,

Thank you very much for a wonderful eveing yesterday at Penguins’, Cochin. My son Mohan and I enjoyed and are enlightened listening to you,interacting with you,getting copies of books signed by you and taking a few snaps. Niti also was wonderful reading excerpts from the books with exemplary diction and voice modulation.
I had given Mohan the copy of ‘Go, Kiss the World’ a few days ago. He was hesitant in commencing reading it. Since you personally encouraged him, told him that his generation will take the country forward and shook his hands, he has returned home as one of your ardent fans. Last night itself he has read almost half the book. This morning he asked me, ‘When will I get “MBA at Sixteen”?’.
‘Long before you are sixteen’, I replied to him.
Mohan and I are grateful to you, Subroto. I am sure both of us will remember the day for many years to come. Mohan will be proud to tell his peers, future wife and kids and probably evn his grandchildren that he knew the guy Subroto Bagchi in person.
Regards to Niti.


D. Nanda Kumar

Tuesday January 24th 2012

Respected Sir,

I am an undergraduate student of V.J.T.I (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute), Mumbai, India and also an organizer of “TECHNOVANZA”, our annual technical festival.

About the college:

V.J.T.I. is one of India’s premier Technological Institutes.Being one of the best and oldest colleges in India with a history of more than 120 years, it is a brand in itself. We have highly reputed alumni spanning various fields of technology including-

1.Dr. Anil Kakodkar- Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Govt. of India

2. Chagan Bhujbal- Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra

3.Bhatia Narendra Kumar- Vice President of Engineering & Construction, CMS Energy, Michigan, USA

4.Mani Iyer-Director, Office of Intellectual Property, Louisiana State University

5. R Sridharan-Senior Staff, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

6.Dilip Kotak-Group Leader, Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, National Research Council, Canada

7.Keval Desai-Vice President Product Management, Digg. ,Former Product Management Director at Google .

About our festival:

‘Technovanza’ our annual technical festival which was born in 2001, has grown from just a college festival to one of the most awaited technical events in Mumbai, India .Technovanza is a conglomeration of engineering related events that include Workshops, Competitions, Paper Presentations, Panel Debates and Conferences ,Guest Lectures by eminent personalities and many more. Technovanza in its spirit provides a platform for coming together, binding and exchange of thoughts among all engineering communities from all over the nation. It aims at acting as a forum for encouraging exchange of ideas and providing ample opportunity for technical interactions.

This year “TECHNOVANZA” is to be held on 3, 4 & 5 February, 2012. With the motto of ‘Taking Technology to Society’, the Festival focuses primarily on using technology for betterment of the society, bringing out the talent in students and infusing lots of fun into exciting events, informative lecture series, competitions and exhibitions.

It will be an honour and a great motivation for our students if you visit us during the festival and enlighten us with a lecture.This would be a life time opportunity for the students visiting Technovanza this year and we are looking forward to it.
Hoping for a positive reply.

Thursday March 1st 2012

“The plants do not come to the gardener; the gardener must go to where the plants may be.” When I read this lines I really got an amazing feeling in my mind. Sir, You have added a very big ideas about life here. Thanks
Pratik Joshi

Bibhudatta mahapatra Says
Thursday March 1st 2012

My BJB college old friend its a long time since we met in bhubaneswar.
If you have moments for old friends you can reach me on 9938471138

Blessy Rose Mary Says
Thursday March 8th 2012

Dear Sir,
Its really feels encouraging after hearing and learning from you. You are really a channel of knowledge with amazing thoughts. Your words have added colors to my dreams.
thank you.

Jules Goddard Says
Wednesday March 14th 2012

Dear Subroto.
I’m a professor at London Business School where you recently gave an inspirational talk. I’m bringing a group of 25 senior executives from Danone, the French nutritional company, to Hyderabad and Bangalore next week to immerse themselves in Indian society, meeting voluntary organisations as well as high-tech enterprises. I was wondering whether there was any chance of your addressing them at the end of the week in Bangalore. Perhaps a talk on happiness, fulfilment and spirituality during the afternoon of Friday, 23 March. We’ll be at the Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore. I do hope you will be able to join us. It goes without saying that we would want to pay you for finding the time to do so.
Very best wishes, Jules Goddard

Riddhi Desai Says
Thursday March 15th 2012

Dear Sir,

Just finished reading your book “The Professional”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and the commendable difference that you have so clearly brought out between a Professional and the professionally qualified.

Hats off to you !


    Blue Says
    Thursday August 11th 2016

    He then goes on to st8t;:&#a220eI encourage all Americans to observe this week by getting the H1N1 flu vaccine if they have not yet done so, and by asking their families, friends, and co-workers to do the same.”

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  • malvika v. gore Says
    Tuesday April 17th 2012

    Respected Subroto sir,

    I am a 23 years old disciple of your teachings/writings. Today, in my career, I hold only one perception. A perception that you have given birth to through your books.

    It will be interesting for you to know how I came across ‘The Professional’.

    I was a graduate-fresher in the audio industry (2009-2010) and was in a confusing state of unlearning and learning new things with every passing second. While admonishing me, my respected boss mentioned, “a professional is a person who doesn’t need supervision….you know?” At that moment I presumed that He was the author of such a valuable thought and concluded that the formation of such a thought can only be through his consumption of plenteous books in his library. A library in his small cabin where the only desk and chair was the one that belonged to him.

    I was hungry to grow, be perfect, be quick..and one day, in his absence, I entered his library-cabin and ran my finger through those books. I happened to stop at a maroon colored book cover, ‘The Professional’ – Subroto Bagchi. Little did I know that on flipping the pages I would soon discover the author of ‘a professional is a person who doesn’t need supervision.’ But I didn’t dare to ask him for that book nor could I afford it. This book was on my mind ever since then and I finally bought it in December, 2011. I was addicted to that book. That one thought had stories to tell! I cannot tell you how much of a lesson it still is for me! I have started constructing myself on those basis and wish to spread the same across as many possible working professionals. You are my idol, sir. I can keep re-reading this book..

    One day in 2012, when I was feeling lost in my career..must admit, a little demotivated & restless..I remembered those lines which your mother told you ‘Go kiss the world’ and I ordered it at 3 in the morning assuring to myself that “I Will Kick In Again as soon as I get started with the book!” I really respect mam’s last golden words and am in the midst of learning,exploring and taking guidance from this book as well.

    I yearn to grab more and more through this website as well.

    May god bless every student..working men & women, with a chance to read your golden lessons.

    Ms.Malvika V. Gore

    M.K.Joshi Says
    Monday April 23rd 2012

    I Got your MBA AT16 book throgh Flipkart,
    It is a wonderful experience of going through the book.You have made complex things in simple ways.It is an excellent book as usual like other books you authored.My self a teacher/Principal over 44 years and still active for the cause of education, I SALUTE TO YOU.You will continue to inspire youth and old like me.Thank you so much

    Laxminarayan kanungo Says
    Saturday May 26th 2012

    Yesterday i read your interview in TOI, Bhubaneswar edition. I am a journalist and columnist in various Odia and English newspapers. I want to translate your best selling books in Odia. If you are interested to depute me in that work i can discuss with you on mail or physically.
    Now, i am working as Asst. Producer in OTV, Bhubaneswar. Mobile- 99371 99942

    Monday May 28th 2012

    i just completed ‘MBA AT 16’. Its awesome. It really multiplied my knowledge about Business. Am very satisfied. And i hope MindTree will change the limit. I wish i could get a chance to meet Mr. Subroto Bagchi..
    Shantanu Sharma

      Amr Says
      Saturday August 22nd 2015

      Aapki site par Hindi ka ek bhare hue aakash ke vsiaatr ko paaya.Matrbhasha Hindi Hamare Vatan ki Zamee.n ko Yaha.n le ayi hai is ka shrey aapp sabhi ko haisubhkamnaOn ke SaathDevi

    Manas Ranjan Mohanty Says
    Monday June 4th 2012

    Dear Sir i chanced upon your IIM Bangalore Lecture which was forwarded by my senior and went on to read Go Kiss The world.I have recommended it hundreds of times.The respect that you have for your roots is infectious.I work for an asset management company as a BM and your book has provided me strength,clarity and confidence.It’s has been a privilage reading you and applying your words all this way.Thanks a ton Sir.

    K Anandhi Says
    Thursday June 7th 2012

    need ur mail id + contact details sir.

    gurudas nag Says
    Monday June 11th 2012

    I want to invite you for the key note address at the Computer Society of India at Kolkata. The convention will be held on 1-2 December 2013. The theme of the convention – Intelligent Infrastructure

    Sarat Kumar Panda from keonjhar,Orissa Says
    Wednesday June 20th 2012

    Dear sir, I am afraid whether you will recognize me or not. But the sweet memories of D.N High school of Keonjhar, from class 6 to 11, compels me to send this message. If u remember, please send me a message for which I’ll be grateful. I feel proud, one of my batch-mates is presently holding a great assignment in the MindTree. sincerely, your batch-mate, Sarat Panda. Keonjhar. D.N High school. My 9090050685

    Ram Kumar Says
    Friday July 6th 2012

    Love you sir…

    Monday July 9th 2012

    Thank you very much for visiting as chief guest to our college PDA gulbarga.

    Your speech was simply outstanding .

    We love you sir …………

    Vaibhav Says
    Wednesday August 1st 2012

    Sir !
    I am a huge fan of your writing. Being an entrepreneur, I have read ‘Go Kiss the world’ around 10 times. Whenever I feel low in my journey, your book is a source of inspiration and motivation for me.
    Hope I get a chance to meet you soon!


    vineeta tewari Says
    Monday September 10th 2012

    Hi sir !!

    I got the opportunity to grab your book “Go and Kiss the world” at Delhi airport while my return journey from Kathmandu, from an official trip,when i had already,totally made up my mind to resign from my services due to various differences and pressures at work place and at home.

    It was like God’s blessings to me in the form of your book. And now hopefully i think that I will definitely come out of this situation.

    with regards

    Bijayananda panda Says
    Thursday November 8th 2012

    Hi Subroto

    I am Bijayananda Panda.Do you remember me ?I was with you in B.J.B College.I am in bhubaneswar now in SBI.If time permits,please contact me on +919437073696

    Bijayananda Panda

    Subrata Ghosh Says
    Friday November 30th 2012

    Dear sir,
    I am lucky to read your book-Go kiss the world.I am two years older than you,my dob-april 1955.I found my world and time in your book.My daughter gave me your book to read which I finished at one go today.You seem a close kin of mine in thoughts and ideas.What differenciates us is that you gave a good play field to your passions and I remained always in the side line.Such is the difference between a great man and an ordinary cultivator.I am grateful to you that you presented me a good mirror to look inside me.
    subrata ghosh

    Tuesday December 4th 2012

    Dear Sir,

    I just read your book ‘MBA at 16’,though I have gifted it to three teens before I finished.The book impressed me with lot of subtle messages for today’s parents of teens.A lovely book .Am inspired to read your other works.To me this composition is an outstanding work of art in its domain.

    Ms Kanchana

    Tuesday December 18th 2012

    We have an event in Jan for which below are the details:

    Client: IT based who develops software & Solutions
    Audience Profile: All are top most partners, Investors & Employees
    Event date – 10th Jan 2012
    Objective of event: This is an annual partner conference dedicated to educating and enabling partners for success. The event should be inspirational, motivational & celebratory.
    We wold like to have you as Motivational Speaker

    Request you to please let us know the availability & the cost for the same.

    Saturday January 26th 2013

    Just a Message for Mr.Bagchi- Sir I dont know why I suddenly remembered you when watching the Republic Day parade on TV in Mumbai today. I have read a couple of years back your advice (brought to us from your mother)- “Go kiss the world”, and know that you were a great award winning NCC cadet. So maybe that’ the reason your name suddenly flashed in my mind. And guess what, just today I had a mail from Mindtree in my I thought I should write back and report this amazing coincidence!

    Prakasha Says
    Sunday February 17th 2013

    Hi Subroto

    I am in the verge of publishing a book named ‘Great Moments’, may I request you to write Foreword for this book. Once I hear from you I will forward the synopsis of the book.


    mob 9916166940

    Monday March 4th 2013

    Mr.Bagchi is a fantastic story teller, combined with true leadership, professional qualities. I like his writings a lot. It has helped me too. But I want all of his books to be TRANSLATED TO kannada. I want to take / recommend / distribute his books to many institutes / individuals / families / friends.

    Indubhushan Mishra Says
    Monday March 18th 2013

    if you happen to read this mail then contact me through my ph number. lot of things you have not mentioned in your blog about your stubbornness to achieve this goal. going through your blog display photographs i was for a while puzzled and recollected the face of uncle sj makhan gopal bagchi while observing the reading of english news paper editorial by you keeping his eyes closed sitting in a arm chair in my presence which i cannot forget.

    Indubhushan Mishra Says
    Monday March 18th 2013

    my email id is

    Shilpa Saxena Says
    Thursday June 13th 2013

    Dear Sir,

    Your books are truly very inspiring and very close to all that happens to us.I m surrently reading ‘Professional’ and find it very helpful. The concise and short chapters help us stay connected and linked particluarly during short travels to work.

    Need your guidance on an work related incident that happened to me recently and is worrying my conscience.

    I was on Leave without Pay(extended my maternity leave) and was approached by my manager for work from home to which i agreed.In the meantime he resigned and we had to finish an assignment initiated by both of us(before he leaves the organisation). Though he wished and tried a lot to pay me for the assignment it didnt fall into my organisation policy and i was asked if i could do without any payment. I am working in this organisation past over 9 years now and have been loyal and dedicated all through these years. My manager too is very helpful and dynamic which helped me learn lot many things – he has been truly a big inspiration for me. i always admire the way he works.

    After thinking over all above I finally decided not to go for the assignment – what itched me was i had to work particularly when i was on LOP hence no gains.
    I have been thinking over this since then and trying to analyse if I did wrong. After two months i have resumed my work and working on the same assignment handling it all over by self. I do feel at times that if i would have said yes- we both collectively would have done better. Right now too i m trying hard to get the best of it.

    Could you help me to know if I was professional or not in above case?


    Saurabh Goyal Says
    Friday July 5th 2013

    Dear Sir,

    I have been trying to touch base with you . there are a few interesting business ideas in IT domain that I have which I wanted to run by you and seek your guidance in shaping them into concrete ideas


    Suffian Ahmed Tetwale Says
    Tuesday July 9th 2013

    Dear Sir,

    I just want to know that whether All your Books are available in Android App Store (in the form of Android APP) and other stores (like I Phone Store), so that we (Mindtree emp) can download & read it and utilize the great leader ideas in our real life.

    You are our inspeartion

    Thanks & Regards
    Suffian Ahmed Tetwale
    Thoughts, Delivered by Actions

    Monday August 5th 2013

    sir i need ur email id really the book GO KISS THE WORLD motivates me in my life… i want share personal details …. is it possible to get your mail id

    Deepak Says
    Wednesday August 7th 2013

    sir sir… I also join your company sir… I do good work sir… great work. I come your company big will become sir.

    ticket booker
    crow catching
    religious minded

    E. Rama Devi Says
    Monday August 19th 2013

    Im really touched with “Go, Kiss the world”. It is a great eye opener for me to realize that material possession is not the real life. Iam an Assistant Professor at NGM College, Pollachi, Coimbatore Dt. I feel and wish to deliver ur valuable speech for our students to know the real essence of life.

    Lata Batheja Says
    Wednesday October 23rd 2013

    “Go Kiss the World” is an awesome book.. loved it. Dont know if this message is gona reach you or not.. but i too love writing, have small blog, please read if you any time can.. Thanks.

    Anuradha parakkat Says
    Friday October 25th 2013

    Really enjoyed listening to your perspective on winning strategies at MMA students convention.
    I appreciate that in ones life journey, at a stage we need to stop striving to win and enjoy others victory. Like a mother who plays with her child and enjoys to see the joy of winning in her child’s face.
    How do we bring this richness in thoughts ,and groom the youngsters. There is so much of stress to win all the time.?…..?
    Will be in touch . Would like to invite you to SRM univ to address the students.
    Loved your address…

    Saturday November 9th 2013

    i have read three of your books,I am into reading of motivational stuff,business stuffs and bios for last almost 5 years but here to mention that the choice of vocabulary and clarity of thoughts in your writings are the real retention points and the most admiring thing is that you always say” i learned this and that from this situation……”,this is really thought changer for young professionals like me to extract learning from situations rather than merely sailing along.
    I an delighted to hear from you about your next stuff and hope it would hit the shelves very soon.

    with great regards-
    Godrej group and into manufacturing.

    Thursday November 21st 2013

    Dear Mr Bagchi
    I happened to read your book “The Professional” sometime ago. Then I came across your volume “The Professional Companion.” To say the least I enjoyed reading these books. Most importantly, I think about the ideas you have discussed for our own mental and physical health. Your experiences reaffirm some of my beliefs. We live in a world constantly needing value clarification. Your books are a great source of inspiration and imagination.
    Thank you.
    Dr S P Dhanavel
    Professor of English
    Anna University, Chennai-25

    rajesh ku padhy Says
    Sunday November 24th 2013

    i had gone through your book ” the professional” can i get your valuable time to have an interactive session with our staff and students. i am from bhubaneswar.

    rajesh kumar padhy, vice principal, ODM public school, bhubaneswar.

      Keyla Says
      Thursday August 11th 2016

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      Saturday November 5th 2016

      Thanks so much for this, Ryan. As a two-term president of the CT Rose Society and Master Rosarian at Elizabeth Park and as a very long term gardener, I have always been wildly interested in the weather. This climate change has some interesting consequences, from southern insects moving in to our gardens to old trees that are really suffering. Thanks for all you do! And thanks for teaching me how to nuke a peep!

      Tuesday February 28th 2017

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    Caroline Says
    Saturday November 30th 2013

    Dear Subroto

    I am Caroline,and i am writing on behalf of the MBA students at Christ University Institute Of Management ,Bangalore. It would be great honour if we could have you in campus for the Talk Series, ” Talk By the Extraordinary”.

    Your expertise would lend valuable insights to us.We believe that we will be able to draw great inspiration from you.

    It would be greatly appreciable if you could kindly let me know whom to contact to follow this up.

    The details are given below :


    60 to 90 minutes of Talk
    Venue : Main Auditorium (2000 seater) , Christ University, Bangalore
    Target Crowd : Christ University Management Students

    Awaiting a positive Response.

    Monday January 27th 2014

    I had briefly met you during the non-fiction festival at Nehru Center, Mumbai on January 24, 2014. I am Dr. Veni Nair, Associate Professor at ITM Business School, Kharghar. We organise the Master Class Series in our campus wherein stalwarts from the industry share their experiences with the students. We humbly request you to be a part of our Master Class Series and speak on Entrepreneurship.

    I have personally read all your books and really liked them. We had even prescribed your book “The high Performance Entrepreneur” as a text book in the course on Entrepreneurship a couple of years back .
    Please consider this as a sincere request from a faculty who teaches entrepreneurship and it would indeed be a great honour for us if you visit our Insitute.

    Do let me know whom to contact in this regard.

    Venkatesan L Says
    Friday March 7th 2014

    Dear sir,

    We need your email I’d to invite you for our trust function at Coimbatore. Please reply.

    Thanks & regards

    Venkatesan L

    Sunday March 9th 2014

    Respected Sir,
    I have read Marathi translation of ” The Professional”. It is a wonderful & delightful experience. Myself a Principal of Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Guhagar, Ratnagiri,Maharashtra running one / two year courses of Vocational Education in Welder, Electrician,Motor Mech.,Diesel Mech.,Refrigeration and Air Conditioning , Computer operation & programming assistant etc.For my students from this book i read passage of an American Plumber and his professional appearence. The way he ask questions to sort out problem. This type of information is very useful and important to make our students globally employable as a professional technician.
    Book is outstanding, Sir!

    Sandeep Pardeshi

    Udhay Raj Urs Says
    Friday June 27th 2014

    Greetings Sir,
    I am seeking employment opportunities on your esteemed organization in Middle / Senior
    management positions.
    I am sincere, Honest,Dedicated , team player
    in an organization.
    I am keen to receive a response from you sir.
    Udhay Raj Urs

    Guru Prasad Biswal Says
    Sunday July 6th 2014

    Dear Sir

    AM working in HAL, KOraput as Ch. Manager (Manufactuing). HAL koaput is planning to Celebrate its Golden Jubilee in November this year.

    We wish to invite you to this function. HAL Koraput has been inspired by you and your childhood being at Koraput, shall bring in thoe nostalgic feelings too.

    Sir, please let us know the modalities please.



      Lakesha Says
      Thursday August 11th 2016

      ++1.Il n’y a rien de plus à ajouter, Khy. Aucun argument ne justifie cette attitude. Une foule peut être une bête, en Australie ou ailleurs.Quant à généraliser aux au3nealirts&#82s0;

    Monday August 11th 2014

    Nice blopg here! Also your website loads up very fast!

    What host are you using? Can I geet your affiliate
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    Monday August 11th 2014

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      Saturday February 11th 2017

      Don, re: Roya’s comment, I’d say you are the one to get the F. I, at least, certainly consider both the sanctions and the military buildup part and parcel of the same policy, and I don’t really see how you can analyze one independently of the other.

      Tuesday April 25th 2017

      Audi, I’m un-lurking to say thank you, thank you, thank you for doing these posts! I feel like you’re going through my closet, and I need all the help I can get! 🙂

    Saturday August 23rd 2014

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    Thursday September 18th 2014

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    Thursday September 25th 2014

    Dear Sir

    I would like to thank you for writing a wonderful and inspirational book “Go Kiss the World”. Having completed 3 years as a HR associate the book helped me give a lot of direction. Going through the different instances it seemed to mirror my life in these early years. It helped me realize that I need to limited to doing only one thing. A person should not have regrets.

    I always had a dream of writing, though could not study it formally but my heart was always there. I will write a book one day sir and hope it is as good as yours.

    With Regards
    Ishita Mehta

    Rajat Says
    Thursday November 13th 2014

    Hello Sir,

    I have real almost your all the books, after reading your books just want to know few things which have unfolded by you…
    Want to meet you.. and know some moment which i have noticed have had a hidden meaning and i want to understand the true meaning of those things, so I can exhibit those views in my life and go further..
    & kiss the world as a professional and entrepreneur…

    Rajat Saxena( young like you as you were in M/S Shriram Group).

      Rena Says
      Thursday August 11th 2016

      Eu não sei se leria .. eu acho que não. mais achei a resenha ineettssanre, quando era mais nova gostava de ver os filmes, mais não me agrada mais..Bjsmila

      Friday December 30th 2016

      Happy New Year. I can’t recall ever having a white Christmas here. Sign of a good year for you perhaps??? And I just realized that all of your comments have been going to Intense Debate spam folder!

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    Would love to interact with you once.
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    Warm regards.
    Pranab Misra

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    sridhar balan Says
    Monday April 6th 2015

    Dear Mr Bagchi,
    I read with great interest ‘MBA at 16’ and being a professional in publishing for over 35 years, I must say it was a brilliant concept and commend Penguin for publishing this. Business with Bagchi on Saturday afternoons must have been intense, fun and enjoyable. One of your ‘young’ participants is known to us and is now in Cornell. A lovely way to introduce business concepts to young minds. I wish we could have introduced the history of Calvin and Hobbes to Manisha and also added a bit on online marketing by Amazon and Flipkart and its impact on ‘brick and mortar’ bookshops.

    Anil Thomas Says
    Saturday May 16th 2015

    Bagchi Sir,

    My Nephew – Kevin Binoy is studying in Anand Niketan School, Satellite Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Anand Niketan is one of the leading schools in the City imparting quality education. Kevin is in the 7th Standard. As part of the Vacation Project he had to do research on famous personalities. He has done research on you and is impressed by your achievements. it would be an honour if you could send a motivational message to the School Kids.

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    What is the meaning of Gardener in corporate parlance?Please reply.

    Thanks and regards

    Saturday August 8th 2015

    Dear Mentor,
    Good afternoon

    Sir, your journey from odisha, India to the world is really very inspiring for all of us.

    I’ll read some of your books very soon.

    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards,
    Biraja Prasad Mishra

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    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for the book. I must say, getting a chance to interact with you was a priceless moment of my life.

    Bibhu Senapati

    karun Says
    Saturday January 23rd 2016

    i am an student who has dream of working in a mindtree but i cant be in your company even i am not eligible for it because i have but 64 percentage i read your blog from the first day i joined my engineering but now. i am not eligible my friend who was just like me with same knowledge but 1-2 % moregot the chance of working in one of the best company of india but not me. my only request to you please judge us with our knowledge not a percentage . you always say go and kiss the world but how did we can do that even if we are not getting a chance.
    thank you

    Puranam Prakash Says
    Saturday January 30th 2016

    Dear Bagchi Sir, I read your books and especially the book GO KISS THE WORLD is heart touching . I told my both daughters to go through the book. After reading the book,my daughters felt that there are some similarities with their father’s life of course he was less successful. But the path chosen was by default was same. I am running a voluntary organisation since last 6 years and adopted a govt high school near Visakhapatnam. If time permits, request your visit to that interior village( I will escort you ). Your visit will bring them lots of motivation and cheers. Thanking you sir,

    My contact number 09704716333,

      Candy Says
      Thursday August 11th 2016

      Received my &#e2#0;Qu8en&28217;s Dance” signed postedtoday. Soooooo excited but it is a Christmas present (my family is having it framed). Dotty… just love the photos and message. Keeps us in touch with the QUEEN.

    Nisha Thawani Says
    Friday February 19th 2016

    Dear Mr. Bagchi,

    I am completely amazed by reading your book: Zen Garden.

    Each new chapter has its own way of saying: “Try and you will succeed”.

    The courage, the mindset and the qualities of all the path-makers in the book are worth following.

    Thank you for giving us such a wonderful set of human values in a single book.

    Loved reading the book!!

    Thank you!!

    Best Regards,
    Nisha Thawani
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    Riyaz Says
    Thursday April 14th 2016

    Dear Subroto Sir,

    I am overwhelmed to get to know about you. I am regular visitor of Mindtree but have not landed to your blog earlier.

    You have really contributed a lot in the field of IT and I wish you paramount success further. As part of my career I Also work with a Software company in Noida which deals in E-business Solutions. But I would happy to get an opportunity to work with Mindtree in future.

    Jegadeesh Says
    Saturday April 16th 2016

    Dear Sir,
    I am happy to have a book “The Professional” as a compliment. I m very lucky and proud to have fantastic time with you.
    Thank You sir.

    Saturday April 30th 2016

    Dear Mr Bagchi
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    Eagerly awaiting your reply.
    Warm regards/Nitish

    Dr. Gourkishore Tripathy Says
    Sunday May 1st 2016

    Dear Sir,
    congratulations for getting the coveted position for heading Odisha Skill dev. Authority. I have a honest request to you. I have been into software services industry for more than 17 years and worked with MNCs. I have development, management and training experiences. I would like to be part of the skill development assignment with your team, provided if you give me an opportunity. I am very much interested to work with your team to prove my worth. Requesting you to reply me in my email ID at your convenience.

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      Wednesday March 22nd 2017

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    Biraja Prasad Mishra Says
    Thursday May 5th 2016

    Mr. Subroto Bagchi
    Chairman, Odisha Skill Developmnt Authority.
    Odisha, INDIA.

    Dear sir,
    Greetings from me!

    My warmest congratulations on a wonderful achievement: Chairman, Odisha Skill Developmnt Authority ( OSDA).

    Have a nice journey once again after Mindtree, Welcome to Possible.

    Kind regards,
    Biraja Prasad Mishra

    Learning and Development, employee care

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    Saturday May 14th 2016

    Respected Sir,

    Greetings from Balasore Chamberce of Industry and Commerce. We are happy to know your achievements. We will glad to invite you once to our chamber and we will discuss about the forth coming programme. We are involved in various skill development programme sponsored by State Govt. as well as Govt. of India. Please visit once to our chamber.

    With Regards

    Himanshu Das
    President, BCIC

    Bhupendra mahanand Says
    Tuesday May 31st 2016

    Happy birthday bagchi sir.many many happy returns of the day.

    Bhupendra mahanand Says
    Tuesday May 31st 2016

    Happy birthday sir once again. I am your big fan sir. I am from govt. ITI bhawanipatna.

      NN Nayak Says
      Thursday June 16th 2016

      Does anyone have email-ID of Mr. Subroto Bachi?

    Saturday June 18th 2016

    Dear Sir,
    This is Dr. Bimal Sarangi , Principal Raajdhani Engineering College, Bhubaneswar ,Odisha along with Mr. M.K.Palo and Mr. R.C.Choudhury need a time for 15 minute as per your suitability for a discussion related to Technical Education in the state (B.Tech,M.Tech .PhD) present scenario and future trend and our role to restructure.
    awaiting a positive reply.
    Thanking you

    jatindra prasad panda Says
    Sunday July 10th 2016

    most respected sir, //i was grounded in the mid-thirties of the last century. in 1949 i passed out of 11th class(matric for short) from utkal university and in the 50s finished ba/bed. distinction + in the 60s ll.b…. in 1958 topped orissa civil services and was in bolangir collectorate during 1965-1966-1967 and retired in the mid 90s. thereafter till now from bench to bar. for skill development i think the gram panchayat and nagar panchayat and the colonial system of taluk/tahsil and subdivision district and division be integrated with post constitutional institutions like blocks mandals anchals kshetras etc. on population basis slightly indicated n the constitution amendment of 90s. if you like my idea i would elaborate further

    Raaga Says
    Friday September 23rd 2016


    When I came across the words ” We lose our capacity to recieve from people”. I rang up to my little brother and talked to him. Those words slapped me for not paying attention to what he says. Thank you sir.. for making me realise this..

    Jyoti Ranjan Kanungo Says
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    Thursday March 2nd 2017

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    People who have addressed us in the past are – Shri Ajit Doval on Leadership, Devdutt Pattanaik on Ideas From Puranas, Raghu Ananthanarayanan on Arjuna – The Leader Prepares, Jaya Row, Radha Pillai on Corporate Chanakya, and many more.

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    Given a chance would like to meet you once as I am deeply impressed with your life story and importantly the struggle which has a given a new direction to you.
    I strongly believe in ‘You are what you think!’ and story conveys the same.

    Thank you so much!
    With Warm Regards,

    Anita Says
    Thursday December 21st 2017

    Wish Subroto Sir to come to Mumbai and address our junior college commerce students on education in India. What could be ideal parameters of evaluating students and educational reforms needed today. Majorly, inspire them, guide them on qualities of a true human, principles of a successful professional and what they can do for the society.

    Wednesday January 3rd 2018

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    It’s an amazing book I have ever read. It’s so similar to my profession. It’s start with Integrity and ends with accomplishment of the mission without fail.
    I was Adjutant of National Defence Academy and was custodian of discipline of 2000 odd cadets and used to conduct a lecture on The Honour Code, which is a one line sentence I WILL NOT LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL AND NOT TOLERATE ANYONE DOING SO.
    Now I realise if I could have read your book before then I could have done some value addition to the talk.
    I have made this book a compulsory reading for my Officers.
    I look forward to meet you when I come on leave to Odisha.
    Jai Hind

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    Sir few observation –

    1. Sometimes the language that you have used became little difficult for me to understand and I had to do a back & forth to get the context
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    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Gurpreet Singh Grewal

    Murthy SN Says
    Wednesday October 31st 2018

    Greetings !

    By way of introduction, I am Murthy SN, currently working with Conduent Inc in a leadership role at ITPL, Bangalore. I was working at EY (formerly Ernst and Young) when I had reached out to you for getting close to 50+ copies of your book(The professional) autographed from you ; that was distributed to our leadership members.. So grateful to you for that. Not sure if you remember that.

    I have read all your books that you have written so far…. and learnt a lot from them.

    I am reaching out to you on behalf of our leadership team to check with you if you are open to address and inspire our leadership team. All of them are highly appreciative of your great achievements.

    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Have a great evening sir !

    Best Regards,
    Murthy SN

    Rakesh Bhootda Says
    Saturday February 2nd 2019

    Respected Sh.Bagchi,
    I am currently a faculty at my Bank’s training college in Mumbai. I have read and reread your books and found them very much useful and relevant for all who see dreams and want to realize them. I found your two of the books- The Professional and Go Kiss the World as particularly must for bankers. I do recommend these two books to must read to all my trainees. I sincearly request you to visit our training college (add mentioned hereunder) and address our trainees, trainers, executives and partners. This is my heartfelt request to spare time and make it a point to oblige us whenever you are in Mumbai. I location of our college is in Juhu, so you would probably found it easy while commuting to airport.
    Thanks sir with regards,

    Rakesh Bhootda
    Ph- 8291013003, 022-61458011
    Sir Sorabji Poachkhanawala Bankers Training College, Near Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle West

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